Caitlin Tinn Nutrition aims to address poor nutritional choices and health conditions by providing nutritious recipes and professional guidance. 

A Little Bit About Caitlin...

Registered Sport and Exercise Nutritionist (SENr)
Masters in Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition (MSc)

Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy

Registered Chartered Physiotherapists (MCSP, HCPC) 

Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy (DiP)
ISAK Skinfold Accredited Anthropometrist

Level 1 LTA Tennis Coach

Caitlin has a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Physiotherapy and a Masters of Science (Hons) in Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition from Oxford Brookes University. Caitlin has predominantly been following her life-long passion in Sports Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. In 2017, she continued her professional development in the Applied world of Sport and Exercise Nutrition after discovering the close relationship between nutrition and sports performance, lifestyle, health, and well-being. 
Caitlin Tinn Performance Nutrition has evolved to develop client's knowledge and understanding of nutrition, understand their individual nutritional requirements and to help them achieve long-term goals through the delivery of factual and researched based nutritional advice. Caitlin’s aim is to educate her clients so that they can become self-sufficient and maintain their nutrition with tailored tools which have been given throughout their plan.  
Whether you are seeking nutritional advice for health and weight management, sport performance (elite or recreational), disease prevention or injury recovery, each client is individually assessed and evaluated by myself and provided with a tailored plan they can follow.

Caitlin Tinn Nutrition works closely with a variety of health professionals, all with the aim of giving their clients the very best treatment and individualised advice. Caitlin also works at The Bosworth Clinic as a Chartered Physiotherapist - you can book an appointment with her through the clinic itself. Below you can find individuals who specialise in other health services.


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